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Tbilisi, dfwatch–for more than a decade, muslims in batumi have failed to get permission to build a second mosque in the city the one they have is not big enough to meet demand every friday, several thousands of muslims come to orta jame mosque in batumi, a city on the black sea in the far south east of georgia. Batumi, dfwatch–muslims gathered at the orta jame mosque in batumi on thursday and presented over 12,000 signatures in support of constructing a new mosque orta jame is the only mosque in batumi, georgia’s second largest city, and it has been overcrowded for decades. Muslims in ajara bearing placards saying hands off islam staged a protest in batumi on august both turkey and iran have made concerted efforts to proselytize among georgia's muslim.

Organizationally, georgia's muslim community is subordinate to the baku-based board of muslims of the caucasus (umk) headed by sheikh-ul-islam allakhshukur pashazade. Muslim women in batumi, republic of georgia proudly model their peace shawls carol mcvetty explaining the origins and intent of the the shawls lebanese christian and muslim women presented with peace shawls to encourage their work. In a long interview published in december 2012, metropolitan dimitri of batumi (the capital of adjara), also nephew of ilia ii, patriarch of georgia, says he was appointed parish priest of st nicholas in batumi in 1986. Located at batumi bay, this statue of eternal love is an iconic landmark in batumi made by georgian artist tamara kvesitadze, the figures move towards each other, merge into one piece and then move away from each other every 10 minutes the idea to create this magnificent statue came from the book of the same name by kurban said the book is about a romantic relationship between azerbaijani muslim ali and a georgian christian daughter of a nobleman in baku in 1918.

The religions there are orthodox, muslim, catholic, judaic and others there is a temple for every faith in batumi, including synagogue and catholic church for the first time the gregorian church was returned to armenians, living in abkhazia adjara has four orthodox temples, three of them are situated in batumi. Kutaisi city guide for muslim travelers to plan your next trip find out what to see, where to shop, where to find halal food and where to find mosques share your reviews and comments as well kutaisi city guide for muslim travelers to plan your next trip find out what to see, where to shop, where to find halal food and where to find mosques. Recently batumi muslims gathered on one of the town streets, demanding to allow the construction of another mosque according to the protesters, the present mosque of batumi cannot accommodate all the faithful, and many of them are forced to perform prayer in the street. The batumi mosque (georgian: ბათუმის მეჩეთი, batumis mecheti, orta dgzame[1]) is a mosque located in the black sea city of batumi, georgia’s autonomous republic of adjara, which is a home to sizable muslim community. The batumi international airport located 2km from the batumi city center is the main airport serving the area from the airport there are buses, minibuses and taxis easily available to ply visitors to the city.

The orta mosque (georgian: ორთა ჯამე) in the city of batumi on georgia’s black sea coast was commissioned by aslan beg khimshiashvili, a muslim georgian nobleman in 1886, and is one of the finest examples of islamic art in ajara. Batumi is the administrative capital of adjara, an autonomous region that speaks a dialect of georgian and has a large muslim minority an attractive town on georgia's black sea coast buoyed by over a decade of steady investments, batumi has a relaxed feel and boasts its own distinctive cuisine. The batumi mosque (georgian: ბათუმის მეჩეთი, batumis mecheti, orta dgzame) is a mosque in batumi, adjara, georgia, which is a home to a sizable muslim community it was commissioned by the family of aslan beg (the equivalent of duke) khimshiashvili, a muslim georgian nobleman in 1886. Batumi’s only mosque, sure is one gorgeous mosque this is the ultimate place where muslim tourists can perform their daily prayers its compact size will disguise to think of it as just another mosque, until you enter it. The arabian conquest of the 18th century was entailed with settlement of the muslim population according to platon ioseliani, the first mosque in tbilisi was constructed in the 16th century it was the shiite mosque constructed on the place of the devastated christian church by the wish of the shah- suleiman in 1522.

Batumi muslim

Batumi’s muslims have long been used to praying in the street prayer on the occasion of eid-e qurban in the orta jami mosque, batumi, 1 september, 2017 according to the 2014 census, there are around 334 000 people living in adjara, of which 133 000 are muslims. For decades batumi’s muslim community has demanded that land be allocated to construct a second mosque in the city despite repeated promises from the local and central gov­ern­ments, the problem has remained unre­solved. It is said that batumi inhabitants rarely leave batumi in the summertime so as to be ready to extend a ward welcome to their guests batumi city is home to a christian and muslim population, living in peace next to each other. Tariel nakaidze, chairman of georgia’s muslim union, says that the mosque in batumi has little space however several constructions surrounding it were made into places for prayer and now the site can accomodate about 5 000 people, but still the garden is full of worshipers on fridays.

Large segments of adjara’s traditionally muslim population have undergone a relatively quick rate of conversion to christianity whereas the region’s population was predominantly muslim at the time of the adjara, including the batumi mosque and mosques in the villages of khulo-centre, duadzeebi, didadjara, and riketi, as well as two. Overall decrease in the muslim population in the region is demographic data from batumi of the 4,970 inhabitants in 1872, approximately 4,500 were 2 porto-franco (duty-free trade) in batumi had been cancelled in 1886 under the order of the russian emperor. Batumi was annexed by the ottoman empire in 1614, at which time the entire population converted to islam when the russian empire took over in 1878 the conversion process was reversed and people switched back to christianity (approximately 30% of the population of batumi remain muslim, making it the largest muslim centre in georgia.

Batumi is an administrative center of the autonomus republic of adjara and is one of the biggest resorts in the black sea region it is located in the south-eastern part of black sea, in a deep gulf the name batumi originated from greek roots, earlier it had a greek name “batius liman”, which means deep gulf. With over 10 year experience of organizing muslim friendly tours in central asia and caucasus, we have handpicked muslim friendly georgia travel package for you to enjoy beautiful historical sights, delicious halal food, relaxing nature and hospitable peopleduring 8-day halal georgia tour you will explore modern, yet ancient tbilisi, rock cut uplistsikhe, rabati fortress built in the 9th. Hurie gets less of this treatment in the georgian capital, tbilisi, than in batumi, the administrative capital of her native adjara that's probably because there are more muslims in batumi.

Batumi muslim
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